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Incredibly Loved

Living loved from the Father’s heart

On my way back from work in Uganda in 2006, I was emotionally spent. However, while attending a worship service in Amsterdam with my prayer partner’s family, I received the surprise of my life … an outpouring of the Father’s love. This unmerited gift not only invigorated and refreshed me, but showed me how to live secure in my identity as a child of God and how to “father” others.

This is now Julie’s and my life passion … to see everyone come to know their place in the Father’s heart and to live from that place. It means you can grab life and take risks led by the Holy Spirit. This is what saw us follow the calling of the Father out of mainstream church and into a ministry of equipping people to plant house-churches, that is, missional communities with a culture of living loved so we can all live loving.

With others now taking the lead in developing these missional communities, Julie and I are freed to assist all expressions within the Body of Christ. We long to see congregations and individuals come to fully know the love of the Father, walk in his love, and naturally live out of it.

This website serves merely as a means of expressing our heart and passion. It’s also a point of connection. Feel free to get in touch.

Peter Steicke

Identity, Security & Destiny

Books by Peter Steicke

[Available in paperback version]

The Wonder by Peter Steicke

New Book Release!

The Wonder

Where Following Jesus is a Wonder to Explore

If your life in Jesus has stagnated, if discipleship is just another cliché that has lost any sense of awe, if you are struggling to lead others in a life of following Jesus, get ready for The Wonder.

The Wonder delves into life as a disciple of Jesus from the perspective of your place in the Father’s heart.

In this book, Peter leads you on a journey of discovery where following Jesus is a wonder to explore rather than just a set of practices to observe. That makes it ideal for individuals and groups of all sizes seeking practical ways to live out the love that’s already theirs.

The Wonder redresses false understandings of discipleship that weigh you down and releases you into a life of following Jesus that makes you soar.

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The Freedom Journey by Peter Steicke

The Freedom Journey

Discovering Grace through the Wilderness

Our mission is simply to walk in the love of the Father and give it away so all people may cherish his grace and extend his glory. Everything starts with people knowing how incredibly loved they are… [read more]


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