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Suddenly by Peter Steicke (eBook cover)

“How different would life be if we all knew we were loved beyond our wildest imagination?”

Like all of us, Peter Steicke has experienced his share of life’s ‘suddenlies’. You know them: the unexpected and often unwelcome interruptions to life that are beyond our control. The challenge is, life’s ‘suddenlies’ often prevent us from living out of the love we already have.

This book is an intriguing set of narratives chronicling Peter’s journey deeper into the incredible love of the heavenly Father. Excellent life-related teaching expands on the stories in a way all readers will be able to connect with and apply in their lives. Through the stories and the teaching, you will learn what it is to live out of the fullness of God’s Father-heart, and develop a redeemed perspective on life—one that frees you to be a source of life to others.

Suddenly is available now in paperback, eBook and audiobook.

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How do you define yourself? It’s a good question. Please, let’s move forward from defining ourselves by our worst moments, biggest mistakes, physical challenges, or supposed social standing. In Mark 10 Jesus heals a man who we still refer to today as blind Bartimaeus. But he is not blind any more! He is healed Bartimaeus! I invite you to start seeing yourself from the healing perspective of Jesus. His healing always moves you to return to the Father’s heart, and the love that has always been yours. We define ourselves from that starting point. Your definition and mine? Deeply loved, son/daughter, precious one, redeemed, beloved, saint! ... See MoreSee Less

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"If you dare to believe that you are beloved before you were born, you may suddenly realize that your life is very, very special. You become conscious that you were sent here for just a short time, fo...

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Sharing and imparting the Father’s heart in Hong Kong this morning. Julie and I had the most fantastic night yesterday. Ten young people took hold of Father’s love, surrendering striving and taking up seeking to move into a life of intimacy and abiding. Lots of tears and hugs and FREEDOM! ... See MoreSee Less

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