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The Freedom Journey

Discovering Grace through the Wilderness

A Book by Peter Steicke

The Freedom Journey by Peter Steicke

“You’re free!” Releasing words, indeed. Through The Freedom Journey, you’ll be taken on a venture from whatever enslaves you, into a life of freedom and opportunity, all via the wilderness.

In this place of restoration, not desolation, you’ll identify the renewed mindsets the Holy Spirit will grow in you.

Restored, and propelled forward, you’ll discover that freedom is not so much a place, as a way of being and relating, living in the absolute security that you’re incredibly loved. Loved and loving, you get to soar and lead others into freedom as well.

“I loved the short chapters, full of anecdotes and illustrations, depth and wisdom. I read the whole book in a couple of sittings, but my husband and I are now going to read a section every day. It’s perfect for either.” 

About the Author

Peter Steicke is a passionate speaker, preacher, Bible teacher, and now author, who was a church-planter and pastor for twenty-five years. He experienced the replenishing love of God as a personal Father after being spent physically, emotionally and spiritually on his way back from teaching in Africa. Peter now spends his time helping others know the power of God’s love for themselves, their families, and communities.

The Freedom Journey is available for ORDER in paperback.

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